The Maids

Midori Rozu
He is mostly friendly, but at the same time he seems cold. Don't get too close to him when he has a headache!
Language: english, german

Na'yra Shantiyen
Na'yra is quite a cheerful cat who loves to put a smile on people's faces.
Language: english, german

Merewina Clayworth
She is an honest young lady who is "thorny" now and then if you are unkind to her or cross boundaries. She always has a slight smile on her lips, but is still cautious towards strangers. On the other hand, she is very loyal to her friends.
Language: english, german

Na'Luna Fynn
She is a gentle cuddling kitten, naughty but nice.
Language: english, german

Natsuki Yayoi
On the outside, you would think Natsuki is very shy and reserved. But if you let her play, then her innermost desires come out.
Language: english, german

Emilius Weiss
With a tough fist he keeps an eye on the maids and the guests. He wants to create a safe environment for everyone!